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The items here combine many variations of my art including paintings, illustrations, journal pages, art dolls, work with fabric and more. It is not EVERYTHING I've ever made but a representation of many of my various artistic sides. I hope you like even a taste of what you see.

Our Lady of the Forest
The Circle Game
The Voyage
Tranquil Commotion
Soul Sisters
Slumber Land (close up)
Slumber Land (close up)
Slumber Land (close up)
Slumber Land
Fairy Queen
Bird Riding
Moon Dancer
Fire and Water
Tribo: The King's Fool
Arabella (close up)
Felicity Pentwhistle
Mirror (close up)
Goddess Hand Mirror (close up)
Goddess Mirror
Dance copy
Hoolahoop copy
"Free Flying"
Free Flying
"Goddess of Living Things"
"Goddess of Living Things"
Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming
"Tribal Sounds"
"Tribal Sounds"
Codfish Ball
Barb's 60th Birthday Gift
Here is My Handle, Here is My Spout
Hot Air Balloon
Letting Go
Listening to the Universe
Namaste Pillow
Inside My Heart I Dance
Our Lady of the Desert Garden
Pure Imagination
Key to Love
Key to Love
Key to Love 2