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This is Coco. Coco began life as a head for cosmetologists to learn hair techniques. I found her at a flea market, brought her home, washed her hair, pierced her ears and redid her makeup. She was then placed as the head on a metal dress form so that I could dress her up in all sorts of things. I did an entire photo shoot using things from my closet that I pinned on or wrapped around her or whatever worked. Including accessories. The problem is there are no arms with which to properly pose her so I sometimes have to give the illusion she has some. I've also used her for various blogs posts. She's quite versatile and always willing to play along and become the character. Since then I also obtained Gabrielle but she hasn't had her day yet. One day I will actually have an entire mannequin!

Coco undressed
Getting Ready
Black and white
The Artist
Coco Blue
Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller
Coco channeling Little Edie Beale
Coco at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Coco's close up
The new movie star
Coco at another movie premiere
Coco tired at her London premiere
Scene from Coco's first Motion Picture
Scene from Coco's first Motion Picture
Scene from the film
Coco's Movie Poster
Coco in her hotel room after removing her contacts
Coco casual
Coco in the rain
Coco in Aspen
Coco in Aspen
Coco in the shower
Coco in bed
Coco in bed on the phone